Day 16, 17 – Wheels and radiator

We are making steady progress — Today the custom made wheels came, thanks to Stockton Wheel they exactly duplicated the original wheels and color. We also installed the radiator and front supports today.

I keep promising a video of our engines first start, I will soon I promise — we’ve been waiting on some parts to make this happen — we’ll even have a cool old oil can as our overflow catch-can just like they did back in the day! (just picked that cool piece up on ebay).

Jason hard at work putting the dash back together.

Sign painter Phil is nearly done. He finished the first coat for the sponsors, he comes back tomorrow to finish up shadowing everything.

Red is actually a really cool color combination — good thing I got the DVD of the 65 Agusta race or we would have never known they were red! — BTW Hoosier HOTD Tires, spec tire for our group .. I have these cool stencils with “FIRESTONE” I’m going to paint with ruberized paint on the tires so they look period correct.

Cool oilcan I’m going to use as our radiator catch-can just like they did back in the day.


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3 Responses to Day 16, 17 – Wheels and radiator

  1. Andy Shupe says:

    Looking so good. I love the overflow oil can for the radiator.

  2. RaysnCayne says:

    Looks awesome all around!

    I’ve been looking for white tire/sidewall paint for awhile with no luck. What’s the specs on yours? (brand, source, etc.)

  3. Your bigest fan says:

    Great job.

    It is like reading a great novel you can’t put it down you wait to see what going to happen next.
    I especially like the picture of you at night loading the car. And the night pictures of you leaving the track
    There is a lot of work and dedication that you put into this project and it shows.
    You did an out standing job both on and off the track. From Your biggest fan
    I have to “ geddy- up go.”

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