Rex White’s 1962 Impala and my car are one in the same…

I just had a wonderful chat on the phone with NASCAR legend, Rex White. What a nice guy!

There had been some debate about which of Rex’s cars were used to build my car and he confirmed that my Impala was actually built from his 1962 car, the first car to ever win a superspeedway race with a 409, Pretty Cool!! — The 409 was used in the car until late 65 apparently when it became unreliable and was replaced by the 427 (396 overbore) — A guy named Jim Bray out of Canada bought Rex’s 1962 Impala which was then sold to Tom Hunter who used it to build the old girl in 1965. I’m going to give Jim a call tomorrow to get the rest of the story.


*the* actual Rex White 1962 car is pictured below at the 1962 Daytona 500


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