This website is devoted to documenting the restoration and history of Roy Mayne’s 1965 Grand National Chevrolet Impala – Current owner/driver: Shaun B. Coleman – Saratoga, CA

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  1. wayne smith says:

    Shaun i am happy that i sold the car to someone that can bring the car back to its org. condition. Was sorry to see it go ,but happy for the car. I had lots of dreams for it but age caught up with me and the funds that it will take did not. I can watch you fulfull my dream as i know you will. Thank you for buying it and i will help you in everyway to fulfull your dream and my dream as well. As i write this i find a tear in my eye, as veronica( ROY MAYNE) daughted did when she first saw her dads car on ebay for sale ,as she did not know the car was still around. thanks wayne

  2. Greg Worth says:

    I have follwed this great Impala NASCAR from the eBay auction picked up by BaT to Shaun’s updates on that site to the documentation of the restoration on this site. What an incredible journey! Thank goodness Wayne kept the car as long as he could justify it. It must have been quite emotional for him to go out to that garage by himself from time to time as I imagine he did, walk around his old friend’s car and just get lost in the memories and sounds of days gone by. It was no accident that Shaun and his crew came along at just the right time. Very few individuals could have carried out the meticulous restoration that Shaun and his crew have done. If a crew of men are going to restore a significant piece of NASCAR racing history, there is only one way to do it and that is as “authentic” as humanly possible. They have done it! It is rare for one man’s dream to be fulfilled. The fact that the culmination of the restoration of this (Roy Mayne’s) NASCAR Impala will fulfill the dreams of two men simultaneously cannot be put into words. Thanks to Wayne and Shaun for both having the same vision that Roy’s old NASCAR Impala would once again “GIDDY-UP GO”.

  3. Veronica Jane Mayne says:

    My heart has been with you during this journey that you have taken with my fathers car. The dreams of more then just two men have been fulfield. The the friend who race side by side with him in that car. Spent time talking about the sport they loved and wish he could sit and talk to him now of those days gone by. A man who has been long gone and who loved to race. A child who watch her father race with pride. Who miss’s him and wishes he could be here to see all that Shaun has done out of respect not only for the history of the car but for the man who drove her. She can feel the pride he would have knowing that someone thinks that his car is important enuff to be restore back to the last time he raced it. It is hard to find the words to let you know what this means to all of us but time will let you know what good you have done. This car has touch so many lives from the time my dad first clambed into her to race, was put aside, an old friend buys her, and now she lives again with a man who respectes who she is. He gives her a makeover and she looks like she hasn’t age any at all. She has touch so many lives and now she will again. Thank you for letting me be a part of it. Your friend always Veronica Mayne

    • Shaun says:

      Thank you Veronica for the kind words. Its been an amazing experience and I feel honored to be the one to have brought her back to life. If there is anything I can do for you or your family just let me know.


  4. Barbara Manning Stewart says:

    What a wondeful job documenting the restoration of this awesome race car! I’m especially proud to finally see my fathers wonderful work on restoring the lettering,…amazing! My Father Phil Manning is an amazing man and I love him dearly. I migrated to North Carolina 16 years ago and love it here but miss my dad. Thank you again for posting all his hard work. I’m sure he loved every minute of the work.

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