Day 12, 13 – Sign painter and finished engine

Today Phil Manning the sign painter came by and painted the 427 and “Giddy-up Go” (a famous Roy saying I’m told by Veronica Mayne his daughter) doing an amazing job duplicating every stroke of the original letters. We also finished putting together the motor and installed it in the chassis.

Early tomorrow morning the body goes on the car. Saturday Phil will come back and finish lettering the car including doors and roof. Its reeeeeeeeeaaaalllly close now.

Phil Manning at work — he is amazing to watch

Cool tool Phil uses to steady his hand while he paints the shadow on

Restored “NASCAR” license plate

Veronica this ones for you! 🙂

Pure beauty….

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2 Responses to Day 12, 13 – Sign painter and finished engine

  1. Micah says:

    I’ve been following this ever since the car popped up for sale. Can’t wait to see it done!

    By the way, how do you manage to get a car restored so fast? It seems that very few have the skills to pull off a high-quality resto in a matter of weeks. Is it all in the planning, or is there a secret?

  2. Barbara Manning Stewart says:

    What a wondeful job documenting the restoration of this awesome race car! I’m especially proud to finally see my fathers wonderful work on restoring the lettering,…amazing! My Father Phil Manning is an amazing man and I love him dearly. I migrated to North Carolina 16 years ago and love it here but miss my dad. Thank you again for posting all his hard work. I’m sure he loved every minute of the work.

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