Day 9, 10, 11 – Ready for the body / Engine!

Its been a long few days — The car got tied up in paint for a few extra days, we have to do it right after all.

Check out the *original* 60’s banjo matthews seat I got with the original seat cover still on it! Thanks to Tom Ramey in N.C. for selling this to me.

Today: hood, deck lid, front valance and trim came out of paint, finished building engine up

Tomorrow: Doors, fender, and remainder of the body is out of paint and is being installed on the chassis. Engine also goes in tomorrow. Fingers crossed I should have a video of a running motor by middle of this week!

Its such a cool color! you have to see it in person.

Hard to believe guys drove 180mph in these seats.. whew!

Muncie M22 Rock Crusher tranny with competition plus Hurst Shifter just like it ran in the day

427 just itching to be started. Notice Big Block Corvette manifolds just like the car ran.

Chassis ready for a body — cool shot from the engines point of view (3rd member will be in tomorrow).

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  1. Andy Shupe says:

    I am loving watching the progress of this. What a gorgeous color, too.

    Keep it coming.

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