Day 7 & 8 – New photo of Roy Mayne/Tom Hunter

Hi guys, quick update — not a lot of photos for Days 7 and 8 since the car has been in the body shop. We should get her later this afternoon in primer to then merge the frame and body, install misc. mechanicals and then its back to the body shop for an Evening Orchid makeover. Sign painter is coming on Monday — lots to do still but its all starting to fall into place.

Oh by the way the car is officially accepted into the Monterey Sportscar Reunion! I was able to swing the car-swap of my 1973 Cougar for this car (thats my other project in the corner of the shop in case you are interested, [easy to guess URL 🙂 ] ).

Here is a photo I just got in email of Roy and I believe Tom Hunter with good ol’ 46 — Roy was a Vietnam era fighter pilot (as was Wayne Smith, his friend and the guy I purchased the car from on Ebay).

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  1. shaun did you leave any of the Darlington stripe or Badge as some called it on the right rear of the car? Its where you let the right rear drift up and gently kiss the lady in black at Darlington or as some say rub the wall through the turn for a better exit. I saw it in one of the photos and was wondering. Body looks great though, you getting there. See you in turn four———JOHNNY

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