Roy Mayne – “Speedway” 1968

Roy did the stunt work along with Richard Petty, Cale and Tiny Lund in this very amusing Elvis movie from 1968 (note Roy drives the 1966 Impala in this movie not my 1965 car)

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Day 4 & 5 – Christmas in July!

Just got the chassis, rear-end and other misc. parts back from the media blaster/powder coater. Its amazing what they were able to do. Many of the parts look brand-new! Nex step, body goes to be stripped, primed and painted!

Notice the rebar welded onto the a-Arms, pretty cool!

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Updated photos

I was able to get my hands on the 1965 October issue of Car Life — I scanned all the photos at a higher resolution then what is online now — The magazine a great piece of history talking about Roy’s car as well as how to build a NASCAR spec 427 (BTW we plan to use this as a basis for our engine build).


If you look closely in the above photo, you’ll see the “NASCAR” painted on the rear-license plate – see below for how it looks today

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Day 3 – more photos of rear end

Per request, some more photos from today of the rear-end


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Day 3 – “Frame-off restoration”…

A true “Frame-off” restoration. Today we removed the frame from the body, and disassembled the chassis to be media blasted tomorrow. Should have a clean frame back tomorrow night!

Found some really cool things about the car: 1) There were a TON of reinforcements made to the stock 65 Impala chassis. They welded in re-bar to strengthen the a-arms and other parts of the chassis. There was also lots of plate steel welded into key areas for strength. 2) This car probably has one of the earliest examples of a stock car with a 3-4link rear end. Looks like they had a few different setups they ran with, notice the large bolt welded to the top of the pumpkin?

The rear-end appears to be from a large chevy truck (can anyone confirm?). I’m told this suspension is from Rex White’s 1963 Impala. I need to confirm the exact details with Tom Hunter the team owner.

My hard working crew!

Ready to go to the media blasters! Body’s going to body shop soon… probably going to have to replace a few panels with new ones (way too much rust to repair) we’ll see…

Rex White’s 1963 Impala — notice the 6 lug bolt wheels. This is what our suspension, and brakes came from (to be confirmed).

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Day 2 – Where’s the snake??

Photos from day 2 tear-down. We got pretty far along… our little friend must have got away, he was no where to be seen!

Cool fill valve

Notice the rubber hose used to reduce vibration under the stock gas tank!

1965 Version of a Fuel Cell! (Stock gas tank, inside a square galvanized steel box!)

Not too bad for day 2…

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Shes here… and a SNAKE!

Well she finally arrived today! She had a little stow-away though. A 2′ jet-black Georgian RAT SNAKE! After a 2000 mile trek it was a little upset — I wasn’t able to catch it on film but after about two hours of trying to persuade it out (w/ an air hose, even a torch!) we weren’t able to get her to come out from behind the dash/floorboard.

Tomorrow we are going to take the entire body off the frame, I’m going to be ready with a camera and an old coffee can to catch our friend! More photos then…

If you look closely on the left side of the firewall you can see this car is a heater-delete optioned car. Pretty rare I’m told and usually only ordered this way when they were turned into race cars! The story Wayne told me is Tom Hunter took this car straight from the show room floor and into the shop to be turned into a race car never turning a mile on the road.

She even has the SS interior panels still in! (Going to replace these with brand new ones)

Cool brackets used to hold the door closed welded right onto the stock door (which still opens!)

Need to fix/replace most of the floor boards unfortunately.

Notice the BRAND NEW paint still under the trunk lid… shinny and smooth to the touch like the day she was made.

They used electrical wire to attach the hood and trunk pins to! kinda neat to see this still attached.

Firewall VIN Plate still attached. See decoded version of it below — Black Vinyl and Evening Orchid paint!

Inside driver door VIN 166375 A 146513 — she didn’t stray far from home! Born in Atlanta Georgia 1965!

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Quick update and Legends of NASCAR Website..

Hi guys, just a quick update on the car. Its delayed in Colorado for the 4th of July. Should get here sometime late next week. We are itching to get started but still confident we can finish her for this years Monterey Historics August 14, 15, 16th

In other news our friends over at the NASCAR Legends website have put up a page talking about Roy Mayne’s life. — There is also another website which has been a huge help already with the restoration, Racers Reunion; they have put up a page to support my restoration project of this car helping to gather information about the car and Roy. Thanks guys!


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She’s on her way…

Photos from Wayne this morning as she is leaving Royston GA.  Its on a roll-back but will be loaded into an enclosed carrier for its trip to California. Should be here early next week!

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Race results 1965, 1966 and 1967 for NASCAR IMPALA

1965, 1966 and 1967 racing results for this Roy Mayne 1965 Impala courtesy of

Roy Mayne

1965 NASCAR Grand National Results

Race Site Cars St Fin # Sponsor / Owner Car Laps Money Status Led
25 Atlanta 42 28 16 46 Tom Hunter Chevrolet 245/267 590 running 0
29 Daytona 40 27 6 46 Tom Hunter Chevrolet 152/160 1,525 running 0
37 Weaverville 27 20 27 46 Tom Hunter Chevrolet 1/500 100 axle 0
39 Spartanburg 23 11 19 46 Tom Hunter Chevrolet 33/200 100 overheating 0
40 Augusta 24 23 10 46 Tom Hunter Chevrolet 190/200 140 running 0
45 Darlington 44 33 4 46 Tom Hunter Chevrolet 345/364 3,225 running 0
47 New Oxford 28 27 9 46 Tom Hunter Chevrolet 177/200 150 running 0
48 Manassas 30 12 10 46 Tom Hunter Chevrolet 378/400 190 running
49 Richmond 37 12 21 46 Tom Hunter Chevrolet 187/300 175 differential 0
51 North Wilkesboro 35 23 16 46 Tom Hunter Chevrolet 318/400 225 engine 0
52 Charlotte 44 39 11 46 Tom Hunter Chevrolet 251/267 800 running 0
54 Rockingham 43 27 31 46 Tom Hunter Chevrolet 166/500 590 axle 0

1966 NASCAR Grand National Results

Race Site Cars St Fin # Sponsor / Owner Car Laps Money Status Led
1 Augusta 30 12 5 46 Tom Hunter Chevrolet 296/300 490 running 0

1967 NASCAR Grand National Results

Race Site Cars St Fin # Sponsor / Owner Car Laps Money Status Led
4 Daytona 28 19 27 46 Tom Hunter Chevrolet 3/40 100 engine 0
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The car today…

Below are some pictures of the car as it is today at Wayne Smith’s in Royston, GA. As you can see its complete and even has some of the original patina on it still!

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The saga begins…

I am pleased and honored to announce that I have purchased Roy Mayne’s 1965 Grand National Chevrolet Impala.  It will be restored to racing condition with the greatest of care and respect deserving of such an historical piece of NASCAR racing history.

Restoration to begin this fall (or sooner…)

– Shaun B. Coleman

(photos courtesy of MarkJ –

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