Monterey Day 3 – SpeedTV & The Checkered Flag!

Well today was an amazing day. SpeedTV interviewed me for a featured spot about the car during their coverage of the event (should air in a week or two, I will update the site as soon as I have more details). I was also interviewed by about 6 different magazines over the past 3 days! The most important thing was the car finished the race today!

Interest in the car and this journey has been truly overwhelming. Thank you to everyone who supported us during the restoration.

Below are some photos of today, as well as video a friend of mine took of us running through the corkscrew– more to follow soon – we had a camera malfunction so no in-car video 🙁

Heading home.

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2 Responses to Monterey Day 3 – SpeedTV & The Checkered Flag!

  1. olympic1 says:

    fucking awesome!!!!!!!! 65 and 66 impala are my fav years … this is just pure heaven

  2. Andy Shupe says:

    What a blast! Thank you for letting us watch. Be sure to let us know when to watch Speed to see the interview.

    That old girl did good in the curve. I imagined it might corner like a cup of soup, but it did good.

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