Monterey Day 1 – CAM oh cam….

Hi guys, drove the car today and had a little bit of an issue with the cam, looks like driver error (mine) on breaking the cam in I let it idle too low (1000rpm) on pregrid before we went out on the track and it looks like I flattend it on one of the exhaust valves —

Car started to overhead on the last lap and dropped 20psi of oil pressure. we are going to work on it tomorrow and should still be able to make the Sunday event.

The car handled remarkably well though, and had good power. I had to use the throttle quite a bit to get her to turn in but besides that its a great handling car. The brakes on the other hand are something to be desired 🙂 It sorta slows down but I’d hate to have to actually STOP quickly.

Photos tomorrow, internet access here is very sporatic. Video on Sunday incar I promise. thanks


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  1. Dick Steinkamp says:

    I’m in awe! Congrats, Shaun. Can’t wait for the Laguna pics and videos.


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