Quick update and Legends of NASCAR Website..

Hi guys, just a quick update on the car. Its delayed in Colorado for the 4th of July. Should get here sometime late next week. We are itching to get started but still confident we can finish her for this years Monterey Historics August 14, 15, 16th

In other news our friends over at the NASCAR Legends website have put up a page talking about Roy Mayne’s life. http://www.legendsofnascar.com/Roy_Mayne.htm — There is also another website which has been a huge help already with the restoration, Racers Reunion; they have put up a page to support my restoration project of this car helping to gather information about the car and Roy. Thanks guys!  http://racersreunion.ning.com/group/roymaynerestorationprojectsupporters


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  1. What a fantastic undertaking, truly an effort worth following whether you are an old SCCA racer or a die hard NASCAR fan.
    It would be wonderful for sporting enthusiasts the world over to see more of this type of documentation and knowledge, and it will be even more wonderful to see and hear of #46’s exploits at LaGuna….I only wish I would be there….I am a hard core Ferrari enthusiast, but I would trade the races at Laguna to watch this one….Good luck

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