Roy Mayne – “Speedway” 1968

Roy did the stunt work along with Richard Petty, Cale and Tiny Lund in this very amusing Elvis movie from 1968 (note Roy drives the 1966 Impala in this movie not my 1965 car)

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3 Responses to Roy Mayne – “Speedway” 1968

  1. eric orewiler says:

    I love the car….I am a poor boy and can’t afford the real thing but I found a 65 Impala ss 2dr for $600 and am building a streetstocker out of it …it is on a 73 monte carlo sportsman chassis…I have located a 348 and plan a 414 inch (427 crank) mini stroker for local vintage events but must run a 350 for street stock……taking an old school big impala to chase the metric montes at Volusia (FL 1/2 mile dirt)……my car was also planned for evening orchid…wifes first car was a 65 ss and she loves that color…we may have a clone but trying to keep the old school big chevys in the spotlight every weekend…have body mounted…looks cool…thanx for saving a cool old race car car!!!! eric

  2. Kevin says:

    I’ll be at the Historics and can’t wait to see it there!

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