Day 3 – “Frame-off restoration”…

A true “Frame-off” restoration. Today we removed the frame from the body, and disassembled the chassis to be media blasted tomorrow. Should have a clean frame back tomorrow night!

Found some really cool things about the car: 1) There were a TON of reinforcements made to the stock 65 Impala chassis. They welded in re-bar to strengthen the a-arms and other parts of the chassis. There was also lots of plate steel welded into key areas for strength. 2) This car probably has one of the earliest examples of a stock car with a 3-4link rear end. Looks like they had a few different setups they ran with, notice the large bolt welded to the top of the pumpkin?

The rear-end appears to be from a large chevy truck (can anyone confirm?). I’m told this suspension is from Rex White’s 1963 Impala. I need to confirm the exact details with Tom Hunter the team owner.

My hard working crew!

Ready to go to the media blasters! Body’s going to body shop soon… probably going to have to replace a few panels with new ones (way too much rust to repair) we’ll see…

Rex White’s 1963 Impala — notice the 6 lug bolt wheels. This is what our suspension, and brakes came from (to be confirmed).

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  1. those spindles and rear are off a chevy or GMC 1/2 ton pickup around late 50’s or early 60’s I used that same setup in the 60;s on my car,even the jackobs ladder built out of tierod ends i will tell you what the bolt on top is for later–lets see if another will answer it.
    the truck arms are gm pickup arms also.

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