Shes here… and a SNAKE!

Well she finally arrived today! She had a little stow-away though. A 2′ jet-black Georgian RAT SNAKE! After a 2000 mile trekĀ it was a little upset — I wasn’t able to catch it on film but after about two hours of trying to persuadeĀ it out (w/ an air hose, even a torch!) we weren’t able to get her to come out from behind the dash/floorboard.

Tomorrow we are going to take the entire body off the frame, I’m going to be ready with a camera and an old coffee can to catch our friend! More photos then…

If you look closely on the left side of the firewall you can see this car is a heater-delete optioned car. Pretty rare I’m told and usually only ordered this way when they were turned into race cars! The story Wayne told me is Tom Hunter took this car straight from the show room floor and into the shop to be turned into a race car never turning a mile on the road.

She even has the SS interior panels still in! (Going to replace these with brand new ones)

Cool brackets used to hold the door closed welded right onto the stock door (which still opens!)

Need to fix/replace most of the floor boards unfortunately.

Notice the BRAND NEW paint still under the trunk lid… shinny and smooth to the touch like the day she was made.

They used electrical wire to attach the hood and trunk pins to! kinda neat to see this still attached.

Firewall VIN Plate still attached. See decoded version of it below — Black Vinyl and Evening Orchid paint!

Inside driver door VIN 166375 A 146513 — she didn’t stray far from home! Born in Atlanta Georgia 1965!

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  1. Mike Storms says:

    This build looks awesome so far, can’t wait to see it finished! The six five Impala is one of my favorite big Chevy body styles and the evening orchid paint(unique to that year I believe?) was the hottest color Chevy offered on those cars. Black vinyl top will make it 65 correct and truly rep the style of the period. I actually toured the plant your car was born in, Lakewood Assembly, in ATL in 1965. This plant later closed after building its last Chevette,lol. I may still have some photos of our plant tour if you’re interested. I may have seen this car come down the line!

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