Day 3 – more photos of rear end

Per request, some more photos from today of the rear-end


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2 Responses to Day 3 – more photos of rear end

  1. Sandwich Maker says:

    have you id’d the rear yet? my off-the-cuff guess is an eaton h052/072 used in ’60s gm 3/4t-1t pickups. btw some of these had coils; that’s where nascar ‘truck arms’ came from.

  2. Shaun says:


    It turns out its a chopped down and heavily modified/beefed up 1/2 Ton GM rear-end circa 1958-1962 — we have a lead on two 3rd members for it, looks like we could run either a car one (from like a Corvette) or a truck rear end… the trick is finding the right gear ratio .. ideally we’d like a 4:11 for Laguna but would be OK with a 3:06


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